The Montgomerie Betterball Matchplay 2017/2018

The Montgomerie Betterball Matchplay 2017/2018


Date: Starts Sunday, 1st October 2017 and runs until a winner has been determined

Format: Betterball Matchplay (Best score between the team fo 2 players to determine the team score)

Handicaps: 3/4 of the full playing difference

Ex. Team 1 Player A – Full handicap 4

                  Player B – Full handicap 8

     Team 2 Player A – Full handicap 16

                 Player B – Full handicap 20

Therefore after adjusting handicaps,

     Team 1 Player A – Plays off 0

                 Player B – Plays off 3

     Team 2 Player A – Plays off 9

                 Player B – Plays off 12

Men to take strokes off men’s strokes and ladies to take strokes off ladies strokes.

Entry Fee: AED 100 per player (AED 200 per team) Entry MUST be paid by both team members prior to the 1st game. If payment has not been received, the result will be excepted.

Conditions of Play: The betterball matchplay will be played in accordance with the Rules of Golf as approved by

the R&A Rules of golf and the Local Rules of the Address Montgomerie.

It is the responsibility of  each of the 2 teams to arrange the games accordingly themselves and not the club, All matches should be arrangned within the stipulated completion dates.

Any match not played by the completion date will be forfeited.

If a date between the players cannot be reached, the team standing on the 1st tee by 13:00 on the date of completion will be determined the winner of the match.


For more information, please contact Ryan Smith on +971 4 363 1261 or